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Create music in taps – Tapedelic Tunes

Make your own psychedelic tunes with its own soothing animation in a few taps!
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Entertainment Free The M Group Incorporated iPhone, iPad, iPod

Feeling creative? Or Stressed? Use this tool to tap out a tune with a synchronized animation that soothes away all your stress in seconds. Brings out the Beethoven in you like magic and all in the name of stress relief! Comes with a single tune for you to try out and if you love it then just buy new tunes from within the app.



Nice app!! Intuitive and relaxing.

Casey Elton

Not very good

Good thing its free!

Obnoxious, pointless, anything but creative

Very bad! Don't waste your time!!

Very bad! Don't waste your time!! Muito ruim! Não percam seu tempo!!

Gave me a headache

Great the aspirin and a glass of water ready for this app.


Noises never change, unless you feel like buying more options. It's boring after a minute.

Starie 133

It's horrible

Meat ball14

It is an okay app it's not the best.

Buggy and pointless
A person who draws

The music doesn't happen right away when you tap on the screen, there is a 20 second delay, so it becomes frustrating rather than soothing. The musical sound is strident. It's really pointless.

Bad and glitchy

Really glitchy horrible. Prefer something else.

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