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Download and play the most fun and addictive free shark game of the moment: Crazy Sharky! A free game for iPhone and iPad in an endless aquatic environment. Your goal is to collect a maximum of coins and avoid all the traps and obstacles in your way to get the best score!
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Games Free Julien Veyre iPhone, iPad, iPod

This free fish game has three difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard.
Simply touch the screen to navigate your shark, catch the coins and diamonds, and avoid or kill enemies.

You have a standard of living in this free arcade game, the red bar on the left of the screen means life. You can also see your current score and level.

If you hit too many enemies as adverse sharks, octopus, submarines or mines, you lose life! The great power of the shark as fireballs for 8 seconds can destroy all enemies in your way!

To maintain or increase your life bar, eat all the small fish in your way.
We must also be careful to press your screen continuously for your shark does not fall, otherwise you lose the game!
Stay alive as long as possible and collect the coins and diamonds to break all records!

It's an addictive game, easy to play and fun! No need to think too much, it's a fun game, a game for children and adults and especially the most popular game of the moment!


- A funny shark game, enjoy!
- Take possession of the fastest shark seas!
- Your shark is nervous and aggressive, ready to devour everything in its path!
- Evolve in an endless environment, your goal: break all records!
- 3 fish levels gameplay: easy, normal, hard.
- Attack all the little fish on your way.
- The treasure hunt began: catch a maximum of coins!
- Collect all the diamonds to raise your score!
- Collect balls of fire and activate the super powers of the shark for 8 seconds to destroy everything in your way!
- Beware of traps and sea creatures that want to destroy you!
- The other hungry sharks devour you want to turn!
- Avoid aggressive octopus, submarines and explosive mines!
- Use your shark with strategy to avoid all obstacles.
- Nothing can stop your shark, you are the master of the seas.
- Blow your shark: it's addictive!
- A single, simple gameplay that will give you a real addiction!
- Exceptional aquatic adventure!
- An arcade and retro atmosphere as you enjoy playing!
- A sensational flappy gameplay for an attractive gaming experience!


Take possession of the sea shark and try to beat your score in an environment full of traps and obstacles! Retrieve a maximum of game pieces and avoid enemies to achieve the best records!
The free version of this game for iPhone and iPad has been optimized for all platforms, download it for free, play and have fun!


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