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Do you have what it takes to be happy?
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CrazyJobs is a game where you simulate your real life, from personal care up to having a job. It is a role-playing game, in which you choose a character, a boy or a girl, and customize him/her in the way you want. Feed them, wash them, play with them and and see how they grows as you reach different levels to unlock new clothes and new wallpapers - all for your taste!

- Play and take care about your own character!
- Customize them look and see how they grows!
- Try new clothes and make them special!
- Feed them to be happy!
- Take them to the job, to earn some money!
- Make them home the best one by choosing different styles from the store!
- And don’t forget to make THE REAL LIFE TEST so you can learn more about YOU and also get some special offers in game.

The character (which can be customized using the virtual money in the game) lives in an apartment (which itself can be customized), benefiting from various facilities that influence the degree of happiness of the character (degree of happiness is determined by hygiene, nutrition, recreation and social interaction).
• Hygiene - cleaning of the character after which takes place metered water consumption which are to be paid.
• Life - this feature is equivalent to personal status, whether it is in a very good condition, or it is sick, the store objects beeing the life potions that basically replace medications.
• Food - food is of different types, each type of food satisfying the character in a lesser or grater measure. It can be purchased from the store.
• Liquids - they are also of different types, beeing available in store.
• Rest - during sleep, electricity consumption decreases.
• Social interactions – these are characterized by mini-games (jobs).
Note: If the user refuses to satisfy the needs of the character, will earn much less or no experience in the workplace.



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