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Like UNO? Well meet it's daddy: Crazy Eights. Did you know, that the name Crazy Eights dates to the 1940s, derived from the military designation for discharge of mentally unstable soldiers, Section 8? The game is very popular especially with children. There are many variations of the basic game, and a number of different names including Crates, UNO, Last One, Mau-Mau, Pesten, Rockaway, Spoons, Swedish Rummy, Switch, Last Card, Screw Your Neighbour, and Tschausepp.
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Eight cards are dealt to each player. Players discard by matching rank or suit with the top card of the discard pile, starting with the player left of the dealer. If a player is unable to match the rank or suit of the top card of the discard pile and does not have an eight, he draws one card from the stockpile. If he has a card he can play it otherwise the turn passes to the next player. If still doesn't have a card, he passes a turn to a next player. When a player plays an eight, he or she must declare the suit that the next player is to play.
As an example: Once the six of clubs is played the next player can:
- play any of the other sixes
- play any of the clubs
- play any eight (must declare the suit)
- draw from the stockpile

Points are incurred for any cards left on hand at the end of a round - 25pts for an eight, 10pts for a face card, and face value for a spot card. Game over once looser reaches 100 pts, at that point the winner is the one with lowest score.

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Mmmmmm ok

I don't really like this moves to slow and I don't like that they give you highlighted options


nothing for4 nothing for 2


Pre programmed in such a way that you rarely win. Also low % of hands won.

Don't bother with this app

Crazy Eights is a game I've played with my Mom and brother as a kid, so seeing this game app was a true delight. However, this app truly ruins the game that I used to love so much. Whenever there's a hand that ends in a draw, the whole game discontinues. So in those rare occasions when you're in the lead during a game, a draw will cause you to have to reset the game, and it's lost. I couldn't take anymore of those annoying glitches, so I deleted the app. Nothing makes me think that your experience with the app will be any better. I'm so glad it was free.

Fun game

I like the game. But 10 points for an ace? It should be just one point. If you fix this scoring glitch I'd give it 5 stars.

Fun game

Wish it moved a little more fluid , but it is fun :)


Game stops and whenever draw cards are depleted and all players have cards left. Also game does not end if the highest player score lands on 100. If these issues are corrected the game would rate higher.