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Crazy Bumper Cars Mania 3D

Bumper car games are more fun to play than other racing car games and kids love to play smashing car games. This dodging car game gave you opportunity to ride colorful bumper cars in the racing arena with full of your opponents. Beat your opponents in simulator battle arena we made four you in this 3d bumper car game. The game is absolutely free to play.
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Games Free Ahmad Jalil Qarshi iPhone, iPad, iPod

Take control on the steering of a brand new bumper car in a vast racing arena of a beautiful joy land and smash your rivals dodging car in no time and demolish them to win the contest. Play the fearless demolition derby game in this free mode banger racing game. Also play interesting soccer game with your bumper cars. Be the dodging vehicle soccer superstar.

- There are different modes of the bumper task, i.e. destroying and kick.
- The graphics and the environment of the game is very realistic.
- Free fun to download & play.
- Extremely rush challenging missions to accomplish in this driving game.
- A mini-map with accurate navigation.
- The game gives a taste of dodging cars and very entertaining fun to play the game.


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