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This companion application for Guild Wars 2® allows you to browse or search for items anywhere you have your mobile device (even when offline). The user-interface is optimized for the iPhone, but works on iPad as well in compatibility mode.
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Standard Features (free edition):
- Browse items by type, subtype and category where applicable (i.e. armor weight).
- Filter items by level, rarity, or whether they have a recipe.
- Get Recipe component breakdown at three different levels.
- Add items to your Favorites for quick access.
- Search Items containing a key phrase (e.g. "Berserker's Destroyer") in their name or description.
- Access the support site for useful tips and tricks.
- Send a bug report or submit general feedback (including feature requests).

Premium features (available for purchase in the app):

***Ad Free***
Remove Ads from the app. Highly recommended for better user experience and to support development of future features and enhancements.

*** Market Prices ***
Download current market prices for items automatically and seamlessly as you use the app. The last known price is stored in the database so you have access to it even when offline.

The Item Detail screen will show highest buy price and lowest sell price along with the number of items for all existing buy/sell orders.

The Recipe Detail screen will show the cost to craft the item, along with the current sell price (if available) and the appropriate profit/loss.

The ingredient breakdown on the Recipe Detail screen allows you to select three different levels:
- Recipe: The ingredients for the recipe itself.
- Refined: Breakdown to refined ingredient level (e.g. bolt, ingot)
- Raw: Base level materials (e.g. scraps, ores).


How hasn't thing received any reviews yet?!
Caleb Loge

This app is fantastic! It's got everything you need for crafting. You do have to pay $4.99 for up to date market prices, but it's not necessary to view the recipes. Download this app now!


Downloaded and opened it...frozen screen and it closed the app. Well that lasted all of 15 seconds -_-


10/2848 gamer approved

Easy to Use

Its a great easy to use mobile app. Use it all the time!!


Needs serious updates to some of the armor and weapons. No crafting list for the legendaries, some of the ascended armor, and even a few exotics that have recipes are not listed in this app.

Toy soul

Now I check on the items I flip in real time. Yay!


First thing the app did, was pop-up a warning screen, telling me they'll have to verify my past purchases (as if it was from Apple) and asking me to input my personal info. What the heck is that?! It's not an issue with my phone-no matter how many times I launched the app, I got the same pop-up screen.


First thing it did was tell me i might have been compromised and asked me to go over past purchases. No thank you sounds like your trying to steal peoples information


Please update for IOS 11