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Welcome to Cooking Fest, It’s an addictive Time management game, Make your favourite dishes on your own way of cooking style by adding different types of Ingredients. Upgrade your kitchen items by your earning coins to increase food price and food preparation time. Collect some extra coins by completing achievements. Make your customers happy by serving food by your own way of style. You can find your time management skills by preparing food. This game is very passionate for food makers, become a MasterChef by clearing all levels with high rating.
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Games Free out thinking private limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

*In this Version you can play 40 levels.
*Every 5th level completing you will receive some Bonus coins.
*Every 10th level completing you will receive some Bonus coins along with some Bonus diamonds.
*Up to 10lac Coins and 5000 Diamonds you can buy in In-app purchases.
*More than 10 different food products are having in this version.
*Customer expression music.

How to Play:
*Tap Food Plates and Machines to place food on the table.
*Prepare food by dragging ingredients and necessary food item to respected Food Plate.
*To Serve drag food to Customer.
*Tap the Coins to collect.
*Put burn items and unwanted food in Dustbin.

Tips to Play:
*Prepare extra food.
*Try to collect all the coins as soon as possible.
*Serve food quickly to Customer to gain Tips Coins.


Bugs need fixing

So I did the actions that are supposed to add bonus diamonds to my account (linking FB, following on FB, inviting a friend), etc., and the bonus diamonds are never awarded. Also reached achievements that award coins and/or diamonds (50 cola served, 150 burgers served, 150 omelette served, I have tons of them!) but no matter how many times I press the CLAIM button for my rewards, nothing happens. Also tried different areas to press - still no luck. The developers need to wake up and pay attention.

Bug 139

You have to watch 10 videos to get 1 diamond??? Are you kidding me???? DELETE!!!!


It is too difficult to get gems. I’m not paying to play a free game. The game is fun, but I may not keep it because it is too hard to upgrade.


When a game is generous with things like gems, I am generous with my money. TEN ads to earn ONE gem? I have just finished level 16 and still can't upgrade my burger pan to make more than 1 burger. You have given 2 gems so far, and the burger pan requires 3! The people who created this game are greedy, and there are so many more cooking games available that reward generously.

Love this game.
sassy auntie

Enjoy this game. It can get expensive but worth it.

Fun but...

It’s pretty much impossible to collect diamonds without spending money and they’re necessary to have with pretty much every important upgrade. This game also freezes/runs slow while playing a game. It’s like the creators set you up to fail.

Just downloaded
Mike bis

I just downloaded this game so I can’t rate it yet. I just hope it’s not like a similar game which was almost impossible to play. I had to put pizza dough in an oven and sometimes several and they burned way too fast and the customers would get angry way too fast.i hope this game gives me a chance to make the food for more then ten seconds. Especially when you have to cook something and it burns in less time and you have six customers .i will rate it a bit later. After I have played it for a little while. Not after the first try. Want to be fair. I have read some of the reviews and it looks good. They’re alway some criticisms Simone can make on how to make it better.


I like it. It’s great to pass the time.

Waste time to play
kim jandy

Pls update ur game abt the gems if no I will delete this game soon

Didn’t get Diamonds
Mme. Coco

I watched 3 boring videos to get diamond rewards and did not receive them. There is no place to report it either. Bad bad business!