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The puzzle game, you can learn 2800 more words of Japanese in short time.
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Education Free HIKARI NAKASHIMA iPhone, iPad, iPod

It's simple puzzle game.
The more you play, you will learn Japanese.

[How to Play]
Connect English to Japanese.
Their meaning is close, you get point.
You reaches the number of quota within the time limit, that course is clear!
You mistake, you lost heart.
No hearts is game over.

Let's enjoy Japanese words.



Adorable vocabulary builder
Saifu さいふ

Very cute version of a Japanese vocabulary builder with words that are very useful. Would be perfect if it had a vocabulary list that one could look through or a list that shows up after each game of new words learned but all in all great way to mindlessly learn more important words with two cute characters. Lulu and Lolo forever!

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