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This rare collection of 20 books is a must have for any Freemason or for those interested in Freemasonry. Here's your chance to own the best Masonic literature and have thousands upon thousands of pages at your fingertips.
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Book $4.99 Susan Tubb iPhone, iPad, iPod

You won't find a better collection of Masonic history for this low price. This app is ad free and you get all 20 books.

New features include periodically added titles, "Pinch to Zoom" and landscape mode.

List of included Books:

Morals and Dogma
This book is was originally given to each Mason who joined the Scottish Rite. It consists of over 800 pages and 32 Chapters, covering each of the 32 Degrees of Freemasonry. A must have for any Masonic Library.

The Builders
The Dionysian Artificers
The History of The Knights Templar
Masonic Myths
Masonic Manual
Masonic Monitor
Our Masonic Presidents
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
The Symbolism of Freemasonry
The Apocalypse of Freemasonry
The Golden Bow and The Silver Cord
The Great Secret of Masonry
The Hidden Life In Freemasonry
The Hiramic Legend
The Mysteries of Freemasonry
The True Esotery of Masonry
The Principals of Masonic Law
The Spirit of Masonry
George Washington's Masonic Correspondence


Great app

Lots of interesting books. I look forward to reading more over the holiday weekend. .

Good titles

Some of the better titles that have been written. I recommend.

Albert Pike book

Bought this just for Morals and Dogma, the other books are a bonus. Thank you.

Thank you... Susan!

Great study books. Help brothers become better Masons. The app just needs an update with adjustment on font.

Masonic library application
Davie Rodriguez

The text is very difficult to read and that screen does not switch to landscape. Very tedious to zoom and scroll. Please update to make easier and enjoyable to read.

Text View needs updated! Bad

Please make this application easier to read. The screen doesn't tilt to landscape view and result is the text is very very difficult to read. One may actually need glasses if attempting to read as is; even if you have perfect vision.. Other than that it seems like a good app

Text too small to read

The text is way too small and it's so hard to adjust the size since it has some sort of snap feature, I don't get anything out of this.... You'll spend more time trying to adjust your screen rather than reading... I tried on my iPad, 1x was too small and when I went 2x, the text was so messed up I couldn't read it.. Please come up with an HD version for iPad and also give the ability to use landscape rather than portrait only.... If this was free I wouldn't gripe...

iPad App
Sitting in the South

These are great study books but can it be made for iPad ? It's too hard to read on phone. I have to give it a low rating for that.

Difficult to read.

Good titles but not able to read them because the printing is too small. If you enlarge it then it's a pain to have to keep shifting the text around as only parts of it can be seen at a time. I don't recommend this app.

Please update!
Brother A. B.

Great app with great library. Needs landscape mode and the zoom element is rough.

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