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Commander Call Snow Sniper shooter uses the snow fall and snow based terrain to let you kill and assassinate enemies while they guard their fortress on snow mountains. Commander Call Snow Sniper engages you to perfect your aim in snow conditions by giving you the perfect camouflage of a sniper killer to target your enemies. You can penetrate, kill assassins while keeping yourself hiding in plain with precision while you move around unnoticed in Commander Call Snow Sniper. Once your missions are over you would be the best trained Sniper Assassin in the world of sniper shooter powered by Commander Call Snow Sniper. Commander Call Snow Sniper shooter is one of the best first person 3D shooting games. While you eliminate and target your enemies by playing first person sniper you have to overcome the increasing difficulty of the game levels that Commander Call Snow Sniper 3D offers and lets you prove as the best shooter in the world of sniper games
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Your country is facing a grave danger from a crime gang and they have their secret hideout in middle of snow mountains surrounded by the best of shooters and snipers to protect them from any attacks. As a veteran sniper you have been approached by the secret intelligence agency to help government by shooting the terrorists using your experience working as a sniper and killers for the government. Your assignment is to penetrate the terrorist organization's secret base guarded by their trained killers and shooters and kill them instantly as fast as possible by making the bulls eye target to capture the enemy base and ensure your Commander is proud of your work while working as a Super Sniper in the snow mountains. The success of your mission depends on your skill as a shooter, killer and experienced sniper while remaining stealth and camouflaged. You are the best assassin, killer, shooter and soldier your commander has ever worked with and trained. You have the best experience as a the snow mountain sniper while working on overseas assignments and that is why despite being a veteran your services are needed to ensure the best shooter is used to snipe the terrorists guarding the secret base and your commander would be proud of your services as the shooter, assassin and sniper to your country.

Your target should be your enemies base where you wreak havoc by utilizing your killer instinct to secure your country's future and by destroying the enemy base. By achieving your target and completing your mission you would not only save your country but also get a chance to showcase your target sharpness, training capability of your commander to be a trained killer and assassin for the country's enemies.


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