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Color Effects - Photo Editor

Create dramatic images by removing colors or changing them entirely.
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Photo & Video Free The Othernet, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Gray out everyone in an image, except for you.

Make the sky green/yellow/rainbow or whatever.

Make your hair purple.

Change the color of anything!

+ Import photos directly from your camera or photo library
+ Recolor images with any color of your choice
+ Automatic Edge Correction
+ Fully zoomable (use two fingers)
+ Save paintings to Photo Library
+ Select brush size and transparency
+ Multiple levels of undo



I downloaded the app for free and of course they want you to pay to start it. So I did. It worked nice for my first project which was trying to find a color for my hot rod. I took one from the front and one from the back. I did all my editing and changed several colors. Worked great. I was ready to start my second project. The minute you take another picture the app only shows a grey picture. I deleted my old ones thinking it was limited space. Didn’t work. Tried over and over. I’m assuming you have to delete the app and purchase again! Won’t be using again.

Costs money
penguin mcd

I thought it would be free but it costs money to actually do the recoloring part I know it’s only a dollar it’s just that was pretty disappointing

Awesome but glitchy

I love this app had it for a long while but now everytime i try to save the picture it closes the app out and never saves the picture. Can this be fixed?

Restore purchase
Eli ♡

I need to restore my purchase. There is no way to do this since there’s not a settings or menu in the app. The app support website was a dead end for me


The app doesn't let you do most anything unless you buy the premium. I wanted to do this for fun but there are no features worth using in the free version, and I'm not about to buy the premium ?


I know the whole black and white with one bright color popping was really popular circa 2010 but I don’t even think this app has updated since then. Super weird sketchy app that just wants you to upgrade for $0.99. Trust me there are FAR better coloring apps out there for free without the weird sketchiness.

Doesn’t even work

I paid to recolor my pics and now when I try to edit a picture the screen is just gray. No pictures show up.

Horrible. Wish I had read reviews before buying.

App is very buggy. Can’t save a picture after editing. App crashes when trying to save to photos every time. Was only $1 but what a waste. Would have rather used that money for a soda. Ha.

New app is garbage
Mr. Eskedittt

You need to pay to be able to recolor. Basically useless app unless you pay.

Won’t color over black

I had to do an in app purchase to get the recolor option, which was annoying but whatever. When I try to change the color of something that is black, it doesn’t work. So pretty much worthless for me and I wasted money.

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