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Tons of people are now playing this game just because it is simple, fun and challenge.
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Games Free Yasheng Zhou iPhone, iPad, iPod

Swipe the cups to collect the falling dots and make sure every dot goes into the cup with same colour. The game ends when dots dropped into cups with different colour or dots fell to the ground.

It is one of the best single tap games with a realistic physics engine to test your reaction.

How long can you last in the game? How many dots can you collect? How good are you at reaction? Play and check game center leaderboard to see how many players that you can beat!!!

Have fun~

Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you to make the app better. You can reach us at [email protected]



One of those games that will make your mind explode!

It’s crazy

If you want to make yourself crazy, play it : ) Endless falling balls, drops faster and faster, it’s for sure that nobody can collect more than 65 (53 is the No. 1 now in game center). 44 is my best after many tries.

Loved it

Looks like a very simple game…and well…it is. But it is also very addictive and challenge. Everytime you finished, you think “I can do better”…then you played again…just cannot help stopping to play...

It’s good, and can be better
Jr. Robert

It’s good that the game is simple to play and fun to challenge yourself. But it can be better if the dots don’t drop faster and faster, instead you can drop something else to bring up the difficulty level. If the dots keep dropping faster and faster, for sure, that nobody can make high score because nobody can move the cups as fast as the dot drops. Also, you can allow players to die 3-5 more times, in this way, they can have a deep breath to continue the game and this makes the game more affair to test people reaction in average way.

Fantastic, but could use a bit more

This game sure turned out better than I thought, very different to the other falling dots apps. But it could use a bit more: there needs to be way more changes and rewards. Only one life, and no rewards is not enough for a game. You should learn from Temple run to make this game more fun and more motivated. Anyway, I like it as a small game to pass time.

OK, but not good

The app is just ok because it is nearly unplayable after 2 minutes due to speed of the falling dots. The 2 minutes play is quite fun and exciting, but what about after 2 minutes?

Simply crazy
Robert E. Boyce

Simple to play but highly challenging…