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Simple and lightweight TV shows tracker.
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Entertainment $3.99 Scoville Bilodeau iPhone, iPad, iPod

Cinema Popcorn is a mobile app that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch. Some people like to check i n from their phone, so we enable that too.

- See what's trending on TV, overview the episode information and the upcoming ones
- Follows the TV shows you're watching and the ones you want to watch.
- Mark the episode you're already seen to remember exactly what you have to watch next time.
- Full Trakt integration & Trakt sync. So that you can get all your information synced.
- For TV shows, find out all episodes by season and the next episode airing date.

Any questions? Please go to help and feedback in the app and let us know what should we can improve or help.


Fix on iPhone XR

This app doesn’t let me play movies on my iPhones XR. Please fix this!! ?

You can’t watch movies...
(͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

This is a really good app on the app store but I certainly don't think that 1 dollar is the right price for a app that lets you track movies, not watch em, I think this would be at least free if you cant watch movies,other than that I think the app would be fine


App doesn’t work I just want my $1 back

lola dollaa

Not working ?

Stupid reviewers

Please shut up. Don’t ruin it

do not get this app
the random finger typing

unless it doesn’t work for me well I couldn’t watch any of the movies or tv shows you can try it but it might not work.

Excellent App - MORE PLZ?

ATTN Developers: FANTASTIC Job! LOVE It!! Plz update soon; iOS 13 compatibility

Works Like A Charm

Best movie app ever!

Not so great

I can’t watch anything non of the tiles work or movies and I’ve reinstalled and logged out and back in but it still doesn’t work please fix this.

Not working at all

The play doesn’t show up for any movie/tv show that I pick, no matter how long it’s been out. What’s the point of the app then? It works fine on my moms Samsung, but for some reason won’t work on my iPhone XR. Waste of a dollar.

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