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Christmas Pickle

The object of the Christmas pickle game is to collect Christmas pickles!
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Games Free MoonBeam Development iPhone, iPad, iPod

You earn the pickles by plucking the tree limbs from the Christmas trees.
When you find a Christmas pickle, tap it, and the pickle will be added to your count.

The more you play, and collect Christmas pickles, the better your chances
of achievements:

Pickles, New trees, Presents, Tree types, Bonus pickles,Shears, Bombs, Ornaments, Santa Bonus, Multipliers, Tree Angels, Snow, Backgrounds, and more.

Tap or swipe the limbs on the Christmas tree to find pickles. Earn additional trees inside the ornaments or presents. Swipe underneath the tree to go to the next tree.

Try not to tap hot pickles - they take from your pickle bank and cause damage!

If you have bombs to use, they will clear most of the limbs so you can find the pickles faster. Just tap the bomb icon to active one. When shears are active, the tree clears faster too.

Present bonuses have different prizes depending on your achievements earned. Watch out for the squirrel! If you get the squirrel the bonus is over!


Ha ha love it!

The game is alot of fun, the only real pickle finding game I've seen.

Lol what

It's a game about Christmas Pickles. I'mma rate 10/10 would Christmas Pickle again

Love it!

If sunk way too much time into this game. Addicting!