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"Blood love" to the Chinese Cultivation legend as the theme, demon world holy "hot sea" missing, Suoyao tower seal for no reason loose, thank the common people spent nine reinforcement Suoyao tower, so lost to the handsome dragon Long Ming, Xie common people As the four disciples successor, you need to find the "hot sea", the guardian of the human world peace.
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Games Free De xiya iPhone, iPad, iPod

The game features:
The game contains a wealth of PVE play and stimulate the PVP experience!
Extreme combat experience, so you can not breathe cool!
Multi-magic skills system, so you have a different fighting pleasure every time!
More beautiful Qiannv, domineering flying companions, so that you will never lonely battle on the road!
In the game, you can meet the other half of your favorite, a total of couples into a copy, to seize the best equipment!
Live voice, listen to your partner!
Definition avatar, dating game correct!


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