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Chicken Catch Fun! Juju Chick On The Beat

Chicken Drop is a fun filled, addictive & challenging game. There is no time limit, just awesome puzzles and hours of entertainment. Enjoy 45 tricky levels.
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Games Free Ali Hassan Bhatti iPhone, iPad, iPod

!! Mission Of The Game!!

Your mission is to help the chicken get to each nest while collecting all the eggs along the way. Tap to change the movement of chick, its very tricky to place chick in the nest. You can change tweety from shop screen and to get good tweety to complete your difficult levels.

Think before you drop the chicken & be sure to avoid the bombs & other obstacles.

!! How To Play!!
1- Move the Chick By tapping left or right on the screen, set them up so the chicken will eat all the eggs then get to the nest.
2- Click the switch to drop the chicken.
3- The chicken will drop and bounce, float & move around the level while collecting Eggs along the way.
4- Finish the levels by getting to the nest. See how you go then move the tools again if he doesn't make it to the nest first time.

!! Features!!
* Chicken Drop is having 45 addictive stages
* Each stage is having different obstacles.
* Very addictive and mind building game play.
* Great for all ages (kids, adults, and children).
* Easy to learn but hard to master.


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