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Download Cheats & Guide for The Sims - Sims 4,Sims 3 &2&1

Cheats & Guide for The Sims - Sims 4,Sims 3 &2&1

Cheats for The SIMS
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Reference Free 学雁 梁 iPhone, iPad, iPod

This App provides quick access to every cheat code for all The Sims games on PC, Mac and consoles.
We provide issue for all the following Games And Platform:
• The Sims 4 - PC
• The Sims 3 - PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
• The Sims 2 - PC/Mac, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PSP
• The Sims - PC/Mac, PS2, Xbox, GameCube


Why not any iOS or Android
Ticktock Class

If u can make the cheats for iOS ( The Sims Mobile )or that stuff it’ll be fun but I’m a beginner and i don’t even know if they allow cheats for IOS but if they do why not make them for ios and for androids they don’t need this they can just use lucky patcher so...??

Good but cheats missing

Their isn’t any parenting cheats, baking or other stuff from game passes. It’s good but still.. I expected more

Useful for new players but not experienced
Mia Smile

For someone who just started on any sim game this is useful to learn the cheat codes. I've been playing since early 2000's and I knew all these cheats codes. I've gotten bored with playing with just cheat codes so I'm trying it out without Cheats, when it said guide I was hoping for more on how to play the game more efficiently.

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