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Do you want to know how to get the best highscore in Zombie Highway? Do you want to unlock all levels and weapons? Then you need Cheats for Zombie Highway! It has an in-depth analysis on everything Zombie Highway, including zombies, wepaons, cheats and so much more! You can't miss out, Cheats for Zombie Highway is on sale for a limited time only! This special launch price won't last long so get your copy now before the price goes up! You won't regret it!!!
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Yes, it is a scam!

I thought this app was likely a scam and it is. The cheats are things like "avoid cars by steering around them" and "avoid being flipped"


Great cheats and tips! Helped me finally unlock all the weapons, 5 stars all the way!!!!


After u play this game u already know what to do so these r not cheats, it's just a rip off, it's a waste of a buck cause it's all common sense so don't waste ur money

Piece of Sht

I have a gotten scammed on a ton of crappy apps but this one by far takes the cake. I have never once wrote a review good or bad but this is junk. Serious junk

Zombie Highway Cheats

Disregard the 1 star I gave. You must select at least 1. However, I give this app zero stars. Nothing but a rip-off! Not one of these are cheats, it's all common sense. A HUGE waste of time and 99 cents. Douche!!!!

just don't do it!! no stars!!

this kind of crap should be illegal!!


partly my fault I didn't read all of the reviews. huge rip off. only bullish!t info and some is not even true. no stars. only reason one star is because the review forces me to choose one


Trash don't buy this rip off.


Freaking terrible no help at all it's less than a guide

Don't buy

This is crap thanks for restating the obvious idiot.