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Raise money for charity playing a 100% free iPhone game!
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We all know apps make money through advertisements. Charitap is a nonprofit app centered around raising ad revenue and donating the money to different charities. You get to choose where!

While you play Charitap, you earn and accumulate points that work like votes. You can take these votes and "spend" them on charities of your choice. When the votes are counted, each charity receives their voted-in percentage of Charitap's ad revenue.

Anyone can be charitable. It takes just a few taps.


Ok, there is one problem
vvenomm 492

I played the game, got my votes, and went over to the charity section, and you know what I saw?! Stupid organizations like planned parenthood and Greenpeace. I was expecting or the LLS Society. Not some stupid Liberal Agenda. Definitely wouldn’t recommend, I’m very disappointed.

Awesome way to give to charity!

Addicting and charitable

Fantastic App

A chance to do good with some mindless entertainment in the form of a fun game. The perfect milennial app.

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