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Celebrity Smashup features all your favorite celebrities: singers, actors, sports figures, politicians, and more. We've paired them and smashed up their faces to form a brand new Celebrity Smashup. The rules are simple. One person from the pair has the same last name (or name ending) as other person's first name (or name beginning). Most Celebrity Smashup answers will be a three word names, but there are some that are only two word names and others that are four word names.

How to Play Celebrity Smashup

Each level features a Celebrity Smashup photo. Your goal is to solve the name. You'll be given a set of letters (your rack) to use to spell it out. You'll also see blank spaces in the answer field that show you how many words are in the answer and how many letters each word consists of. Each correct answer will earn you coins that you can use for help on future levels.

If you get stuck, you have lots of options for help. You can post the Celebrity Smashup to either Facebook or Twitter and ask your friends for help. You can also use coins that you've collected to buy level helps. These helps are Reveal A Letter, that shows you the next letter in the answer, Remove Letters, that removes all unused letters from your rack set, Gimme A Hint, which allows you to buy a clue that gives you a hint about each of the two celebrities in the pair, and finally, Reveal The Answer, the shows you the answer and lets you skip the level, if you're really in a bind.

Celebrity Smashup Features

Earn coins for completing each level.

↗ Fully interactive gameplay
↗ High-res celebrity photography
↗ Family friendly gameplay for all ages
↗ Use coins to purchase boosts like : remove letters, reveal a letter, reveal answer, gimme a hint
↗ Conquer levels to unlock achievements
↗ Celebrities from all walks of life:
↗ •Actors
↗ •Musicians
↗ •Athletes
↗ •Comedians
↗ •Politicians
↗ •Models
↗ •Humanitarians
↗ •More
↗ Social share to Twitter or Facebook for Help or Free Coins


Great game

Great and funny game! I can play it for hours and hours!

Celebrity Smashup

Posted to Facebook but did not get the 1000 coins for the post.

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