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CatTroid: Among Humans

Ready for a new challenge?
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Play CatTroid and try to eliminate hordes of enemies thanks to your blaster and abilities.

CatTroid is an arcade game in which you play the rol the cat CatTroid trying to fight against the enemies send by human beings. Rotate the device to move the cat and tap to shoot. As simple as that are the controls of the game. Pick the wool balls to unlock new characters with their own game style. Moreover, the game includes:

- Super easy to control and to learn.
- 9 different characters with their different combat styles.
- Share your best score with your friends.
- Personalized tutorial for each of the characters.

CatTroid is unique, original and fun.

Enjoy it and thanks for playing!


Angelica Williams

Nice app


Good game cattroid, easy to play need to shoot the cat to earn score and live long!!haaha

No idea

No idea what this app is but it's hilarious. Just give it a try? Good work

Fun game !

Fun and simple to use highly recommend. A lot of fun and interesting features

Cool game
P. Wright walls

This game has cool idea and cute graphic. Simple but very addictive.

Game very good and very nice

I have downloaded and played the game. it is addictive and it helps me relax me. I feel this is a great game. it is very interesting, I've won this game and get a lot of reward. I feel good about this game. it is very suitable for my child. My son also loves to play this game. thanks to it that my children become intelligent and flexible.

Cat game!

Interesting game , with interesting playing experience. You play as a cat to eliminate enemies.

Good game

I have downloaded and played a few hours. It's a good game for relax. It's really easy to play and fun. Thanks developers

Funny game

My son loves this game very much. He can play it on all his free time. The graphics are good and simple. I would highly recommend it. Thanks developers so much.

Love cat

great games and fun, helps us relax in his spare time, because there are so lovely cat