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Cataloging just got fun.
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CatalogIt is a powerful, collaborative, and intuitive software platform for all types of collectors and collections. CatalogIt empowers collectors and organizations to bring to life the story of things through the histories, creative processes, relationships, and destinies of objects and collections. Powerful enough for museum professionals, complete with numerous authoritative classifications to delight private collectors, and thoughtfully designed to be user-friendly and approachable for volunteers, docents, or family.

• Increase the intrinsic value of your objects
• Capture their meaning, context, and connections
• Preserve and share the stories of things for generations

• Easy & intuitive
• Visual and photo-centric
• Museum-level functionality
• Secure and private
• Multi-user for team/family use
• Any device (mobile & desktop)
• No hidden charges or ads

• Private and Family Collectors
• Museums & Historical Societies
• Corporate Collections/Archives
• Conservation Professionals


• Precise, authoritative classification prompts
• Complete plain English fields for quick, thorough data entry
• Profiles (e.g. people, places, etc.) track commonalities & link objects
• Easily create and enforce controlled vocabularies

• Visual catalog is easier to manage than alpha-numeric lists
• Available on any device; mobile and desktop
• Cloud back-up and syncing helps prevent catastrophic data loss
• Multiple users & permission levels to control information access
• Users can work independently and teams can collaborate in real-time

• Unlimited photo uploads enable detailed visual documentation
• Original photos stored and never altered or compressed
• The high-quality camera in your phone or tablet makes it easy to add images

• Print custom and pre-formatted reports (insurance, valuation, condition, etc)
• Quickly create labels and QR codes
• Import/Export Excel and CSV files to share and analyze collection data

Protect your institution’s collections, your family’s heirlooms, and your treasured personal possessions. Document, preserve and tell the stories of your things!

CatalogIt users include museum professionals, volunteers and docents, private collectors, other collecting institutions, corporate and organizational collections, exhibiting not-for-profits, and professional conservators. Here are some CatalogIt subscriber comments:

“I love the fact that I always have my complete collection with me at all times through my iPhone- I can log in any time to view or edit, or to show items to my fellow collectors.”
- Private collector

“I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT. My grandfather was an artist. CatalogIt is the perfect system to track pieces scattered throughout the family”
- Private collector

“We have been using CatalogIt for over a year and love it… much easier to use than our previous program, [competitor name withheld], and gives us more flexibility. Check it out. You will love it and be thankful you did.”
- Museum Registrar

“The fact you can use a smartphone to create a record is great”
- Volunteer museum registrar

“CatalogIt has made a world of difference in documenting the conservation process for our clients and providing accessible records to our staff. I highly recommend it!”
- Professional art conservator


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