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Cat Keyemoji Free-Kitty Sticker Gif Video Emoji

Feel depressed that there is no emoji app for cat lovers? "Cat Keyemoji" app is dedicated for you cat lovers, to use these most special, funny and cute cat emojis to chat with friends and other cat lovers. What an awesome way of chatting with style !
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Besides stickers, and gif animated emojis, we also offer mp4 video emojis in which cats meow meow sing. Cat Singer Gold & Silver love to sing very much. From their mp4 video emojis, you just listen to their songs or share with friends every day, you will feel happiness and bliss!

In this emoji app, besides cute Cat Paws emojis, and other naughty cat emojis, we also have many Internet Celebrity Cat emojis. They are from different parts of the world. Each pack has its own character and style. Monty Boy from Denmark, Loki the Little Vampire Cat from the U.S., Oskar the Blind Cat & Klaus from the U.S., Sissi the Red Cat from Italy, Didga and Boomer of CatManToo from Australia, Dragon Ma’s Six Cats from Taiwan. They all have different cute faces. And many more are coming!

Once you download, you will receive over 100 Free Big, HD, Elusive stickers and gif animated emojis of Cat Smiley Faces and Hands (Paws). Your friends will be amazed when they receive them, to show your strong character of loving cats.

This cat emoji app is very simple to use. 3 ways to share emojis:
1/ in iMessage app send out stickers or gif animated emojis
2/ or set up Cat Keyemoji keyboard to send gif animated or mp4 video emojis
3/ or directly choose other social media apps from the Cat Keyemoji app to share sticker, gif animated emojis or mp4 video emojis

Other features and benefits:

* Offer different types of cat emojis for personal preference, just use Coins to unlock your beloved Emoji Packs in Emoji Pack shop

* Keep track of Recently Used Emojis and set Favourite Emojis so that you can easily get your favourite or frequently used emojis to send

* Pro Version of Cat Keyemoji app has extra free coins, no Ads and more discounted emoji packs

Download Cat Keyemoji now to share cute, funny cat emojis with your friends to surprise them and make them LOL!

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