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Finance $1.99 David Choi iPhone, iPad, iPod

Be a smart car shopper with Car Negotiator.

Car Negotiator walks you through the entire car shopping process to help you become a smarter car buyer and negotiate confidently. Don't walk into a dealership without it.

★ What the Experts Say ★

✔ Edmunds Automotive App of the Week: "Whip it out while crunching numbers on your next visit to a car dealer and ... the app will probably end up paying for itself." (Automotive App of the Week, )

✔ says: "Car Shopping Just Got Easier" ( )

★ Who it’s for ★

✔ Anyone who’s been intimidated by the new car purchase process.
✔ Anyone who wants to make sure not to waste time or money buying a car.
✔ Anyone who wants to keep track of their progress when hunting for a new car.

★ What it does★

✔ NEW: Ability to take photos of cars and save them with your budget. (Requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with camera.)
✔ Has a helpful step-by-step guide for making good decisions
✔ Provides a convenient checklist to track your progress to make sure you're on target
✔ Allows you to enter in detailed car loan and financing calculations
✔ Lets you save and review different car purchasing scenarios
✔ Contains ability to email the budget to yourself or to others
✔ Use the pre-built 50-state tax rates or enter in a different tax rate


Nothing special...

From the name of the app, I thought this would help me retrieve dealer invoice pricing, rebates, promos, etc. NOT THE CASE. Just a basic loan calculator.

Great app

Definitely helpful to have this app around. Still have to search around for deals, but helps keep me on track.

Great app!!

Just a basic loan calculator, but does a great job of keeping track of variables. Keeps you one step ahead of the salesman's "four square" worksheet. Helped me get my last car for exactly the price I wanted for exactly the terms I wanted.

Not a good app

Rip off...basically a loan calculator. You can get same things with the Edmunds app for free. Complete rip off

Car calculator

This app is bad and I want a refund. Once you save you cannot edit or delete. And you cannot take notes. So you end up with a huge waste of adjusted price lists for the same car that at the end of a week or a month you won't know which one is true or false. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED BUCK ON THIS!!!

I like it

Great app. I've tried several car calculators and this one is the most accurate by far. I haven't used the other features like the checklist, but the most important thing for me was to get a calculator that is accurate. I would like to see some improvements to try different pricing scenarios in one screen. I've emailed the developer and got a response that they'll look into it soon. Then, it will really be a 5 star app.


Doesn't work - waste of money!! Couldn't get it to retain any data I tried to enter. Wouldn't change from Alabama sales tax. Waste of time. Don't buy!

Waste of money

App does nothing you need.

c-rod, el guapo


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