Car Junkyard Escape Reviews

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Car Junkyard Escape is free iOS app published by Ponarangan R


Kawii Kaidence

When I got out of the app it made me restart which is stupid in my opinion this game shouldn’t b a thing



Everything looks the same, very hard to find objects without clicking a thousand times a minute. Too much junk and became very frustrating to look at.



You basically can’t play the game because all you do is click click click.



Super fun. And nice length..12 scenes! But man oh man...lots of tapping to cover all those objects and scenes. People who play these on PC get to sweep the cursor across the screen and wait for the curser to change. Easy. But with iPads...lots of tap, tap, tap. And this developer doesn't make the interactive area very big. So you have to be exact on where you tap the tiny objects and areas. I'm not complaining.. But it would be nice if the developer opened the interactive area up just a bit. Either way, I love these games!

Great Challenge


I agree with Ally555 would like to see things little bigger. Also when an object is picked up for inventory I wish it would say what it is. Some games you can tell them some it's like well what is that?! Tapped my fingers off on iPhone but it worked

Hard to find things, but fun


Hard to find things, random clicking required

What a freakin mess.


I played for a few minutes and quit. Too much junk. Since I quit and never played the whole game, I want to be fair so I'll give it a 2 instead of 1.

Frustrating pixel hunt!


The most frustrating of all these games yet trying to find the right spots to click. Spots that didn't work suddenly work etc. Without a video walk through found on YouTube I would have quit.