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Candor Note - Handwriting Note

Welcome to Xnotes , a paperless unlimited note-taking tool with a high degree of freedom.
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Productivity Free Hangzhou Jiadi Bozhong Enterprise Management Partnership iPhone, iPad, iPod

It can meet your daily notes, reading notes, electronic handbooks, unlimited drafts, and drawings. It is a good helper for your paperless study and office.

--「Function introduction」--
●A variety of brushes, styles and excellent writing algorithms can bring you a smooth and smooth handwriting experience.
●Built-in cute, simple, beautiful and other styles of covers, support external import PDF or pictures to customize the cover, complete the personalized note cover setting.
● We also provide varieties of paper templates and themes for you to choose from, including but not limited to square paper, Cornell paper, dot matrix paper, line paper, punch habit paper, monthly plan paper, weekly plan paper and a variety of notebook themes.
● You can recording while taking notes, it's really convenient for in-class recording, working meeting minutes, learning notes and other different scenarios.
● Supports the import and annotation of various types of documents such as PDF, Word, and pictures, making it easy to read and record notes at any time.
● Excellent handwriting experience, free paper selection and custom material import, you can achieve a high degree of freedom in the production of electronic handbooks, a variety of styles are up to you.
● Support the creation of multiple folder classification to save your notes and documents, convenient induction and search, will not be looking for documents when the dazzling.
● Support the creation of multiple folders to store your notes and files in categories, which is convenient for summarizing and searching, and will not be dazzled when looking for files.

--「 Netizen evaluation」--
●Laughing Sakurako: Recommended for office workers and travelers to plan tasks! Now there are travel guides, cooking recipes, and mood records here. There are a lot of beautiful theme templates, just use it directly, and there are many papers for learning office, such as Cornell, schedule paper, super practical~
●Tomato: I really like its minimalist green style, very simple page, no extra, fancy settings. There are many advantages of electronic pocketbooks. It is not only environmentally friendly and time-saving, but also directly uses the materials and paper in the app. The handicapped party does not need to be inferior to draw, and it is simply beautiful and exquisite.
●Feier is cool: notes are good-looking, and learning is really good! I import files to make notes, and I use it directly to hand-write notes, and sometimes I use it to review wrong questions. Upload your own designed page template, paperless operation, strong playability.
●Chaowan Note girl: For those who use iPad to learn, the learning efficiency is doubled quickly. Support recording function, you can record while writing, support text, picture, PDF import; lift the pen to write, lift the pen to draw. It can be said to be a simple and easy-to-use note-taking artifact.

--「Paid subscription」--
● Yearly member $4.99
● permanent member $6.99
● Upon confirmation of purchase, you will be charged from your iTunes account. You can cancel the subscription for the next cycle at least 24 hours before the end of each cycle. The subscription will be automatically renewed within 24 hours after the end of each cycle. The subscribed cycle cannot be cancelled.
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