Burglar Alarm... FREE! Reviews

3/5 rating based on 50 reviews. Read all reviews for Burglar Alarm... FREE for iPhone.
Burglar Alarm... FREE is free iOS app published by Indigo Penguin Limited

Sooooooooooooo lame

Allie bug 13

It is the worst ever it gets on my nevers

Go go


No one can touch my stuff!

Stupid game

Kind of ok

Weird it doesn't even work its just dumb



This app is awesome when ever I jump it goes off! I would get it

Really not armed but cool

Lamont McNairy

Its pointless to have this Alarm if someone takes it they can exit out of it fix that dont download it

Okay, not great


The app only works when the phone is unlocked. It would be really great if this and other similar apps could work when the phone is also locked. Kind of defeats the purpose of locking your phone.



Just press the home screen button and your "burglar" can do whatever!



Dumb Wierd and Anoying so ya dont get it waste of time



This is so stupid!! I don't even no whT the pin is for I don't understand the pin thing at all any one please help!!



I kinda liked it but the burglar can press home button and boom take it! Fix that plz!!I also found out that they can just get out of the app and take it plzz fix that two