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Grow your own pot and start a 420 friendly farm! Bud Farm: Grass Roots is the BEST marijauna farming game where you grow crazy plants on your farm, upgrade your equipment, hire workers and harvest weed!
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Games Free LDRLY (Technologies) Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

Harvest potent strains of pot in your own custom grow op! Trade ganja and goods from your farm or sell bud for a profit!

Hire cannabis-loving workers to help you produce weed-infused products! Unlock new land, upgrade your farm and create your own stoner paradise! Share and play with your friends and neighbors - the pot growing never ends!

• Grow popular weed strains such as OG Kush, Super Silver Haze and Pineapple Express
• Customize and upgrade your grow op with new water pumps, lights and generators
• Build your own dispensary to sell & trade on the live in-game bud market
• Expand your farm, adopt cows and hire workers to help you run your contraptions
• Unlock new pot strains and upgrades for your plants!
• Share, message, assist, play and sell weed with your Facebook friends
• Protect your precious plants by squishing pesky spider mites
• Co-operate and compete with friends as you strive for the biggest and best Bud Farm!
• Fill orders for quirky characters and learn their stories
• And so much more!

Please note that Bud Farm: Grass Roots is free-to-play experience, download and play, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. A network connection is also required.

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Best clicker game

I love this game, but please, please make it easier to click out of the ads for earning potbucks. I press directly on the x and it still takes me to the App Store 10 times before closing. I’ll rate 5 stars if this is fixed, it really is a great game but that one thing is annoying

Love the game, but...!
Todd Leisher

I’ve been playing for months happy as can be. Until recently... Over the past month , I keep getting charged $4.99 in Bud Farm, sometimes twice a day before I’m even awake . I understand there are in-app purchases. Although I did purchase occasionally in the past several months, I absolutely did NOT purchase anything knowingly in the past month. I want the charges for the past month by Bud Farm refunded. I’m considering deleting the game as well. Or someone can explain these charges!?!?

Liked the game a lot spent a lot money in this game but started freezing

Can’t play the game it freezes. Don’t play this game I spent money in the game and all and after several reinstall the game it still Messed up From time to time I am done with it.

Can I play offline?

Hey guys, I absolutely LOVE your app and have been playing for years. I wish I could play offline!! I always seem to get a connection error. Is there a way around this or do I always have to play online?


I’m trying to finish a quest, I have to harvest 150 coco chunk bus, collect 500 weed butter from contraptions and 360 brownies from contraptions. The butter part of it isn’t picking up all the butter I’ve collected. I’ve collected over a 1000 and it’s still only showing 160. Pls fix this problem ASAP! Thanks

Love this game BUT...
Keli d

While it crashed once in awhile before the last update, now it crashes all the time! Please fix it because I’m hooked! It used to happen only around the ads, but now it happens all the time. But truly love the bright graphics and interwoven challenges, like really running your own business. Hope it gets fixed before I get frustrated with the crashing and just quit playing... UPDATE: Crashing problem not as bad but hate the new karma rewards. Hardly make me want to try to win the contest. Bring back the good rewards!

so sadddd

I love this game I’ve played it for years now but I recently got an iPhone and I can’t load my old farm for some reason, is there any way to sync it???

Potbuck Pipe
Just Saying😜

How are you suppose to collect the pot bucks? It pops up then goes away. When I try to click on it it still goes away. I tried to look for it but I guess going directly to the potbuck pipe is not an option so again how do you collect? Edit: I found the pipe, it’s $2.99 to “light” it? Sooo...it’s $2.99 each time??? No.

Additional pot bucks
Dennis Cote

Don’t bother with them, if you fill one out you will only be spammed to death and never receive your pot bucks.

Playing for years

A lot of new great items but things can start to pile up overtime as you gather more and more. Finding enough space can be tricky but maybe changes to come down the road! Maybe the ability of full rotation of items placed can help make it feel more “cozy”. It can bring more options to decorate and utilize your space better. After all if it looks cool...I wouldn’t mind so many items even if space is limited! Still love the game and my 2 gold pots!