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You can quickly cheer yourself up using the Bubble Wrap application . What could be more fun than to burst bubbles on the packaging. If you get tired to burst one bubble at a time - you can turn on the "Maniac Mode" and have fun with all the heart.

Select the appropriate size for a field and press Start.

In the next update:
- bubbles counter;
- timer;
- top of results;
- new design;
- new sounds;


Bubble Wrap
A Private Person

Ads are way to invasive. Takes all the fun out of it.

Best Bubble Wrap So Far

In my quest to find the best bubble wrap app this is the best I've found. Pros -Bubbles refill when the sheet is manually refreshed allowing for an actually realistic bubble wrap hunting experience -sheet size is adjustable -IT SOUNDS LIKE ACTUAL BUBBLE WRAP. -and finally there is a sweet manic mode that allows for finger dragging to pop simulating those fun times where you just want to twist the bubble wrap to get the fast popping Cons -no multi touch -as mentioned by the previous review there may be ads although I haven't run into any yet (not even a single one). If I see any I will update this review to reflect. To the creator: thanks for creating the best bubble wrap app I've seen thus far.

Altogether the most satisfying app ever

While I have tried many bubble wrap popping apps, I must say that this is by far my favorite. It's sounds are the main reason it is superior to other apps, but the adds aren't a complete invasion of the popping (however it would be nice to have an option to pay for disabled adds)