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Brush Your Teeth With Ben the Koala

Brushing your teeth can be difficult sometimes! Luckily Ben the Koala is here! He brushes his teeth with you, at the same time as you. He shows you the right way to do it, and it’s fun too!
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Education Free Signes de sens Apps iPhone, iPad, iPod

Brush your teeth with Ben the Koala! An application that makes it fun to brush your teeth.

Application particularly suited to children with communication difficulties (For children two years and older).

The child presses Ben’s nose as soon as they are ready to brush their teeth.
A timer displays the time during the teeth brushing and allows the child to follow the activity and pre-empt the movements.

Version 1.3 is available in French, English and Chinese.

"It’s the first time my kids ever asked me if they could go brush their teeth!"

“The timer makes my kids respect the time which is required for teeth brushing. It allows them to wait with music. They know exactly when the activity starts and when it ends, which is comforting for them. The tool is playful and motivates the kids.”

“The goals are reached, he does it more pleasantly, the teeth brushing is longer and more effective. He remembers himself that he needs to brush his teeth: “Brush the teeth! Go for Ipad!” – it’s great! So much pleasure and so less stress! Thank you!”

Application developed by the non-profit Signes de Sens with the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and the Cultura Foundation.

Signes de Sens develops applications to encourage learning and to help parents communicate with their children.


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