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Play Brave the Wave VR! Stranded at sea, you have your hopes and sights set on reaching an island safely. You soon realize though that you’re not alone, as both elements and creatures seemingly have other less fortunate plans for you.
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Entertainment Free Miemode, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Brave the Wave VR 3D Game Play

● Sway from L to R to avoid lightning striking the boat
● Balance your boat as bird poop accumulates and tilts it left and right
● Dodge flying piranhas as the tasty buffet comes towards you with decapitating force
● Keep your boat afloat as rainstorms threaten your hopes of reaching land
● All the while, find items all along the way that will help you reach your goal:
○ Food (increase your energy and get better reflex to defend against challenges)
○ Equipment (Grab better equipment to reach land, such an oar, a motor and more)

Download the game today and see how many days you can survive at sea. Don’t get seasick.

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Handheld game wanting to be a VR game

In this game you pilot your raft by tilting your head to collect coins and hamburgers (!) Various dangers such as storms and piranhas threaten to capsize you. Graphics are 3D but pretty basic. Big problem is that gameplay is very short and every time the game ends you have to remove phone from your headset to restart! At least the game gives you the opportunity to "tweet your death!"