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Feed your brain! - Give your brain a workout with our random facts generator, just press generate and receive a new fact!
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Got time to kill? waiting for a ride? trying to brush up for a trivia night? give Brain Food! a try!


Fun app

Small app to kill time ! Neat color changes with each fact. Keeps the kids happy in the car !

Neat Bite-Sized Facts
Anabel Adams

I saw this in the App Store as I waited for the locksmith to rescue me. Fun little facts are generated when you hit the button and the background colors change to very soothing colors. It would be cool to have a feature if it would push notifcariona to your Apple Watch every day so that you could learn something new, or create various categories like Jeopardy to learn from! Can't wait to see more.

Love Facts!

Nice fun facts with no ad-bloat! Perfect to read when you have a couple of minutes of downtime. I can't wait for more facts!

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