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Bouncing Blob Frenzy

Blob frenzy are the bouncing birds of land they do not live in the land where there is water. These naughty frenzy birds are punished by bird of soil land. As a punishment the tiny frenzy birds are stuck in aqua land. They are brought in aqua land where other birds feed on fish but frenzy do not like fish; these cute frenzy birds are helpless in aqua land. They do not eat or drink, as long as they are in aqua land they have to eat fish like other birds. Your job is to rush and help frenzy to pop and bounce away from aqua land. As soon as frenzy did splash in water, it dies.
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Games Free Usama Shakeel iPhone, iPad, iPod

You are here to help frenzy bounce and stay alive. Simply see the frenzy coming and tap right or left of the screen to move the log and let the bird land on the log that bounce the frenzy away. This way they rush towards the other sides of water. You just tap them slide a log under them to land and get the frenzy safe, avoiding there contact to the fish. When you tap on the other side of log it slides the log under the next bird to help it. This way the naughty frenzy gets to stay in aqua land as long as they don’t pop splash in the water.
- Cute animations
- Friendly colors
- No complexity
- Easy game level
- Simple tap and slide
- High quality graphics
- Simple touch and tap game
- Easy for kids


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