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Slide the bird to fly? It sounds easy? But it's not because you have to adjust the direction and power the help a stupid bouncing bird fly over a little platform and get score. With a little bouncing, he's ready to fall down whenever you make wrong decision.
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Games Free Sang Nguyen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Also, you can get extra score if you control the bird fly as far as platform and get double score. And of course, that is a risky. Go fast with double score and easy to die or slower with safer way to live, that is your decision.

This is a very hard game and I'm sure you cannot get more than 20 points and you may fail more than 10 times.

If you feel boring, you can get more and more cherry and unlock another stupid bird! There are 10 bird to unlock, but as I say, it's not easy as you think.

* Features:
- Easy control but hard to play
- Global leaderboard
- 10+ unlockable birds
- Share your score to your friends
- Beat your friend's scores.

Hope you love this game! Have fun!


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