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Booze Runner Lite

Build your fortune in this clone of a classic 80s drug dealing game set in a world where prohibition never ended. Deal with police, muggers, loan sharks, and unexpected fluctuations in prices to make as much money as you can. The lite version allows play for 15 turns (days).
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Booze Runner includes several features that its competitors do not have:

- A rich graphical user interface frees you from the text-only menus and puts you in the middle of a city.

- A 'Prices' tab tells you what the going range of prices for a given drink are, making it much faster to familiarize yourself with the game.

- The 'Prices' tab also tells you how much you paid for a given drink and updates that number when circumstances affect your stock, making it much easier to gauge your profit level


Good but can improve!!!

I like how compared to the other games in the app store like this u can see what u originally paid for the product and it shows what the range of prices r so u know if u can make profit. What I dont like is that there is no way to at least stop a mugger with a fight or run. U can get as many thugs as u want but it doesn't help any except that u can carry more inventory. Buying a gun is also kind of pointless because u can just run from the cops. Unless these minor things r changed I really would suggest getting this game until it's changed or another game like it comes out because there r several of these just very minor changes and appearence.

Good game.

Well made. It's just like dope wars but with booze. Fun...

Good game.

Warrgy69 likes this game but it doesn't last long enough on the free version.


Decent game.


Glitches, repetitive...but I can't stop playing this game!

Is good game but u can't play

I got this few days ago because I remember playing this game in pc version but when I start the game it get stuck and I pay $0.99 ... For it

Needs update
doesnt work--'s

Good game if it worked. It does not.

Don't work

I cannot play it on a iPhone 6 plus