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Good evening! Welcome!
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Here's Booba's Kitchen, your favorite late-night show!
And I, its permanent host—who knows not only how to cook delicious food, but also do it with great passion and energy (hehe)—am Booba the Chef! Big round of applause!

Today I'm ready to announce a casting call for my incredibly entertaining and fun cooking show! I assure you, it will grab your attention and leave no one indifferent!

Our contestants are people from all over the world that love cooking and are eager to showcase their skills.

Now is your chance to prove yourself! Who knows, maybe you'll become the next cooking star!

But don't think it's going to be easy! I'm looking for chefs who aren't afraid to experiment and create new, authentic meals. So get ready for the challenge and prove you are the best of the best!

I've prepared the following challenges for participants:

Vegetables and fruit are on their way to the conveyor belt. You have to use your hand and cut them in half. Be careful, though, because there's also trash on this conveyor belt that you're not supposed to touch! Ki-i-i-ya!

Slice all the food that flies toward you but avoid muffin bombs so you don't lose points! Be fast and careful!

Smash ice cubes to defrost the products inside them. And Booba will be there to help you do just that! Brrrrr!

Grate the food falling from the top with an electric grater. Stay focused, it's the only way to get the job done!

Keep tapping the sprouts to collect leaves to garnish your dishes with. Don't get distracted, because the worm is ready to ruin everything! Ouch!

All the ingredients are ready! Let's start cooking!
Fry, boil, or bake waffles? Choose what works for your recipe. And I, Chef Booba, as a true master of my craft, will be happy to show you how to cook certain dishes properly and share my most valuable secrets! A round of applause!
You are about to create something truly original and delicious!

Well, I see you're almost done... All what's left is to beautifully serve the dish! Lay out all the ingredients on a plate and don't forget to garnish it with a topping! Voila! Bon Appétit!

Remember, only the most talented chefs will pass all the tests and win in my show.
At the end of each episode, I will announce the winner and reward them with awesome prizes!
You will get an unforgettable experience and valuable knowledge of cooking, because you—yes, you—will be working with a variety of ingredients and unique recipes that will win the hearts of viewers around the world.
Such an adventure surely can't be missed!

Stay tuned, dear viewers, enjoy our show and let's plunge into the world of gourmet cooking together! Also, don't forget to like and subscribe to my cooking blog!
Yours truly is your favorite chef, Booba! A big round of applause!

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