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Download Bonehead Test : Funny Idiot and Moron Test, Prank and Trivia

Bonehead Test : Funny Idiot and Moron Test, Prank and Trivia

Bonehead or not? How about your friends?
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Entertainment $0.99 Software River Solutions, Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

Get The Bonehead Test and find out. Fun, witty, not too easy.

*** This game is HILARIOUS! Love it!

*** How many times did I laugh in my friend's face when he fails the test - lol!

*** This one is different - at one point I had to flip my phone around - very cool.

*** I dare my co-workers every day to beat my best time. The last bit is what gets them in the end - took me a while to figure out that the questions change :)

The Bonehead Test requires only that you pay attention. Questions have simple instructions that you have to follow to get to the next level. Don't get angry when you fail to follow these and fail the test! Great to try with friends and family.

- Levels start very easy, get progressively harder.
- Time tracking to compete with friends.
- Loads of tests.
- Funny fart sound when you fail
- EXCLUSIVE for iPhone/iPod touch - Some tests require you to rotate the device itself!

Don't miss out on this hilarious game. Test your IQ, tease your friends and have a good laugh.

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If you are the first who submitted the test and we include it in one of the upcoming updates - we will post your name on the test's background!


Bonehead test

This is the biggest waiste of $1 you can do. Do not get this app, it will take you about 10 secs and there goes your dollar.

Haha great app!!!

They have some pretty trickey quistions. I'll be sure to try it on my friends. Oh and yes it is worth 99 cents.


Nice time waster. Definitely worth the $1. Love the soundtrack.

Dude - you have to get this!

Funny, witty and good to share with friends and laugh over and over again. $1 well spent


Awesome app just cant figure out 1 test about the numbers.... Totally worth the 99 cents though

Awesome Game

Very well done. Good graphics, fun and some very tricky puzzles. I love watching my friends play this game and miserably fail.

Fun game but...

How do u pass the one with the numbers!?!?!?!


I know how to pass the number part

Number question
Sherry 3102

Can someone please tell me how to pass the number part?

how do I...?
help meeee!

how do I pass the beer stage ?