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BlocPal’s mission is to develop a simpler, smarter and more secure way to transact with crypto and traditional currencies. We’ve designed the first ‘multi-currency’ blockchain infrastructure, using proprietary technology to simplify and secure payment processing. Our multifaceted e-wallet and platform create an ecosystem that focuses on security, transparency and speed, and are soon to become the standard for all digital currency payments.
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Our main focus as a next-generation payment processing solution is security - for all parties involved. That’s why our e-wallet requires all users to create a double-encrypted passphrase that not even BlocPal can access. This encryption process helps to ensure that your wallet and funds remains truly yours. We are also committed to harnessing the power of blockchain technology to allow for transaction transparency. The BlocPal blockchain is built on Bitcoin source-code (thereby making it easier for miners to mine) and records all incoming and outgoing transactions onto the native blockchain of the respective cryptocurrency. Further, as part of our mission to build a long-term and sustainable future, BlocPal’s proprietary blockchain allows for the dynamic sizing of blocks as the company grows, meaning our blockchain will be able to facilitate an increasing number of transactions, without sacrificing instant settlement or low transaction fees.

With a combined 50 years of experience in the software encryption, back office processing, global finance and online gaming sectors, BlocPal understands the importance of regulatory compliance. That is why BlocPal has worked tirelessly to offer its users a Security Token which entitles holders to participate in the profits of the company, while being compliant with applicable Canadian and US Securities laws. We have also designed a system that ensures proper KYC and AML processes, while still offering the anonymity and data protection that is fundamental in the cryptocurrency market.


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