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Blackbox Live for Dreambox and Vu+ (formerly Dreambox LIVE)

Enjoy live TV directly on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from your Dreambox, Vu+ or any other compatible device.
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Entertainment $3.99 Marcel Stegmann iPhone, iPad, iPod

!! Blackbox Live has just the core features. Have look at Blackbox Pro instead and get the latest updates including features like program guide, timers, transcoding, radio, sleeptimer, 3D channel navigator, picons, multitasking and much more !!

!! Please note that this app works as a streaming client only and cannot run without a compatible set-top-box. Read the system requirements carefully before buying or contact the support if you are unsure !!

Watch Live!
Blackbox streams video right away from your set-top-box in best quality.

Watch Recordings!
Play your favorite recorded shows and movies directly from your iOS device. (Restrictions depending on your set-top-box may apply.)

Watch With Your Setup!
Blackbox supports with a wide range of set-top-boxes from many manufacturers including Dream Multimedia, Vu+. Check out the “Supported Set-Top-Boxes” section below.

Exciting Features:
- Watch live TV directly from your set-top-box
- Watch or download recordings directly from your set-top-box
- Bouquets and Provider
- Audio switching
- Subtitle support
- Twin-Tuner support
- OpenWebif support
- Lightning fast video engine
- AirPlay and TVOut support
- Pixel perfect zoom
- Automatic aspect-ratio recognition
- Fast and easy one step setup
- Fast switching between multiple set-Top-boxes
- Landscape and portrait view
- iOS 7, retina and iPhone 5 ready

!! Some features are depending on your set-top-box. Please visit our website for more information !!

System Requirements:
- iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or better*
- Any iPad*
- iPod Touch with retina display or better
- iOS 5.1 or better
- Fast connection between iOS device and set-top-box
- 802.11n WiFi-connection recommended

* iPad 1 with limitations. iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini (Retina) or better required for HD streaming.

Supported Set-Top-Boxes:
- Dream Multimedia Dreambox with Enigma 1 OS (e.g. DM7000, DM7020, DM7025, DM600 and DM500)
- Dream Multimedia Dreambox with Enigma 2 OS (e.g. DM8000, DM7020HD, DM800HD, 800HDse, 500HD and DM7025)
- Vu+ set-top-boxes with Enigma 2 OS (e.g. Solo, Duo, Solo 2, Duo2 and Ultimo)

Other set-top-boxes running Enigma 2 OS may also work (e.g. Topfield 7700 HDPVR, Ipbox and QBoxHD).

Depending on the set-top-box model you may need pro perform a software update first. You can find more information about how to do this in the instructions of your device.

Note that no support can be provided through reviews or comments. Please contact the support at instead. We are happy to help you!


Dreambox Live

If you have engma on your receiver or dreambox is the best choice to watch channels on iPad or iPhone watch channels when you sit outside of house and drink you coffee . For the price is good for this doing that app .

It works, but buggy
Black Camel

I have just started using it and it does what it claims but it looks to be a work in progress. It crashed twice out of three times while swiping between channels. In a week I will put an update to my opinion

iPhone 3GS

ما يشتغل على iPhone 3GS

Отличная программа
Justin Rost

Поставил( у меня Dreambox 8000) показывает все SD каналы, за исключением HD. Также можно просмотреть все свои видеозаписи. Твёрдая 4. Поставил бы 5 если бы можно было смотреть и HD каналы.

too late

bought it before o noticed i have a DM500 S. Please make compatible and i will change the rating


Hello! Is this program working only at home network or can i connect from away?

So far so good

I have been waiting this kind of Software for very long time. Thank you very much. Please add HD Channel support if its technically possible.

The best

This is fantastic it's the best app out there


How I can use that

Taxmann Greco

Even though it supports DM500S ENIGMA 1 users, in my case after hours of trying, nothing happens.The developer is a great guy and offered my a lot of email support. My ISP provider could not help out as the network technical knowledge required to operate the network settings was considered too difficult for them. I am no expert in networks. I would recommend this application for non-Enigma 1 users. Sorry!