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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji – that you can use right from your keyboard!
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Utilities Free Bitstrips Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a growing library of moods and stickers – featuring YOU!
• Use it in iMessage, WhatsApp and more

If you’re one of the millions of people with a Bitstrips avatar: Just download and sign into the app with Facebook – your unique collection of Bitmoji is already waiting for you!



need split dye ong this annoying

They should add pj pants
anonymous user0006

They should add a pajama section with plaid pants and stuff because I think that would improve it so much otherwise I love it

More hairstyles for male
spxr :)


Hair options

I LOVE that y’all have given so many “dye job” options but I’d really love if every color option was available for every hair style! For example the split color is only available for 2 styles, and the money pieces in the front is only available for one. This is very disappointing.

Great overall!

I think this app is great you can connect it to your Snapchat and it’s really easy you can also send stickers of your bitmoji in messages

lana agnetha

i love this app and how it pairs with snapchat. my one request is that you make more variety for midlengh hair. there a lot of variety with textures now, and that’s great, but there seems to really only be styles for long hair or very short hair. please make some more hair for more of a mid length audience. a lot of people including myself have this cut now, and the only mid length hairs have a strong side part. please give us that middle part. thanks.

zome 123

I just downloaded Bitmoji and when I get to it it looks me login but when I put in my email it doesn’t even work and when I try to sign emojis everybody else can do it with my friends but when I put in my age they in like my birth it says sorry you’re not eligible for thanks for checking us out and I would like to come back from the people who can read this they can they should make it from all ages OK bye my other friend and she’s young so she can’t have it and it’s not fare

Great App

This app is really amazing, I love all the choices for everything. The updates are also always good. I think it’d be cool if there were Poncho Sweaters tho. I like them a lot and they’d be cool.

The worst
angla katen

This stupid app will not keep saying connection error when there’s not an error! I’m done worst app I’ve ever used on my entire life!