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Bitcoin Miner: Clicker Game

Interested in mining but afraid to try in real life? Don't worry. Mine in this game to get a taste for free. It's time for you to start mining. Get the bitcoins with your own farm. Buy mining rigs and develop your farm.
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Fill your whole farm with everything you have like mobiles, computers or even your cars, make one hell of an effort to get alot of bitcoins.
For those who do not know what bitcoin or mining is. Mining is prey. Bitcoin is a crypto currency, a currency very popular on the Internet.
Compete all the levels, buy all the rigs on our planet and become the best!


Nice Game
Jana nusic

I recommed a nice and dynamic game

Bitcoin Game

Great game

A really good game
A quien pueda interesar

I was playing this game for a while and quickly it turned out to be addictive, it's very entertaining and innovative, it does not look like any game I've played before. I recommended them to everyone play it.

Nice game
bouhlal younes

It’s a fun way to take out the daily stress by playing this game , mining lover by the way .

Chris Anderson1996

The game is quite unique and I like it.The features are well organized!

Bitcoin Miner

Nice game thanks so much

Not Real Miner

The game its just for fun ppl I done game in one day. To create more miner you need to repeat again from the begging and invest and then doing lots clicks to gain coins. I saw when you get to the helicopter the game get froze 2.15T not counting your click anymore you have to figure out investing. So if you thinking making bitcoin or something not waste your time with this game.


Your finger hurts


It’s fun. Just try it ?

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