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Bingoplus England emulates the role of bingo caller to play with family and friends on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. You bring a bingo card or use BINGOCARDPLUS to generate the bingo cards and Bingoplus England does everything else.
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Note: This the lite version so from ball number 40 till
ball number 70 it will slow down the velocity of the ball.

- Languages : English (UK), English (US).
One British speaker and one american speaker.

- Two game modes : American bingo (75 balls) and European bingo (90 balls)

- Eight clock speed to suit all ages.

- Bingo balls are available in four colours.

- You can pause the game and resume it at any time.

- You can restart the game or go back to the main menu during the course of the game.
You can also check the board and see all the balls that have been drawn.

The last five numbers read out will be displayed with a different colour on the board.

It's the perfect bingo game to play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
If you want to generate your own cards you can try bingocardplus.

Now you can download Free american and european bingo cards at

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