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play FREE Vegas Slots and 90 ball Bingo online - UK bingo!
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Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots is a famous online bingo and Vegas slots for mobile and tablets. Play BINGO and FREE SLOT game and meet with players worldwide. Our 90 Ball Rooms offer everything any Bingo lover could ask for!

You'll find Huge Jackpots, Gorgeous graphics and all day FREE Bingo. There are 3 chances to win a prize with every ticket! Be the first to complete 1st line, 2nd line, or the full house to win the pot! We offer FREE to play online bingo with various rooms and friends, Wherever, Whenever.

How to Play
The Lobby
1. To enter a room simply double touch or two touch on the Room area in room list.
2. The status of room is “Playing”, or time stamp of remained time to play
3. There are 4 types of room, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby.
4. Each room type requires the minimum tick price. For example, a ticket price in Emerald is 5P and Diamond ticket’s 1£.

The Room
1. When you fist visit a room, it’s divided into two columns.
2. Right column is ticket list to buy. Another ticket list can be shown to swipe ticket list.
3. Touch a ticket to buy, the status of ticket is changed to “Selected”. Touch “SELECT MAX TICKETS”, 18 tickets will be selected.
4. Touch “BUY SELECTED TICKETS”, then all of tickets to be chose will be bought.

The Game
1. One of the great things with online Bingo is that you won’t need to worry about marking your cards as you go, the computer will do all this for you.
2. While you enjoy the game or chat with your friends, our automatic daubers will mark your cards and keep a record of how many correct calls you need to win
3. We’ll also ensure that your most complete cards are pushed to the front so you can make sure you’re watching the front of the race!
4. We’ll flag it up each time someone wins and automatically credit your account!

The Prize
1st line pot : When All numbers of the first line on a ticket is called, you win 1st line pot
2nd line pot : When All numbers of the second line on a ticket is called, you win 2nd line pot
HOUSE : When All numbers of the all three line on a ticket is called, you win HOUSE Jackpot



My review is simple. I play this game ALOT and won 1 game in 5 weeks. I collect my bonus coins and by the end of the week I have about 2k so I can play for a hour. I won’t buy fake coins as with any game. It’s not worth it but I’ll continue to collect and play until I find a game similar or better. Game is quiet, barely anyone talks and I enjoy it. Thanks.


I’ve been on this game for years. I have made quite a few friends and I enjoy the game. I hardly win nowadays but I still go on. I’m also a heavy buyer lol. Yes I spend real money for fake money.. what am I thinking? Lol and I mean I spend money ($200) a month, to lose of course. But I’ll stick around and continue to play. My only advice... don’t buy points. The more people in a room. The less of the chance of winning unless fungrep “favors” you. I guess they buy more than I do lol. Crazy! But ya love the game.. people...just quit the updates yeah


Like to play but tired of seeing the same players winning all the time.

I like play

There slots are good bingo is goood

Super cool

Great game

Bingo live 90
Irene 13

This game is really fun!!! I love this game!!!!❤️

My review

I have playing this game for years now. I do like it a lot. I don’t get very much money on my free spin And I don’t win much at all! When you run out of money you have to wait 24 hrs before you can get another spin . But I do like the game so I do play it a lot

Gone downhill as of late.

I spend a ton of real $ only to lose it right away. Used to be able to play a few days or more after spending $20 on chips but now you would be lucky to be able to play for an hour on the same amount. And the more you spend the less you win it seems. I’ve been playing this game for more than ten years so I know how luck works here and I have to say it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it as far as the money spent versus play time ratio. I like the game so I have been hanging in there hoping something will change but my patience is growing thin, especially with all the other apps available for bingo and slots. Logan99


Love the game


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