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Back up into construction truck fun and let your little builders have a blast playing with construction trucks and tools games and sounds!

Little builders will love the fun and educational construction games including matching, a building game, taking a picture in a construction truck, and best of all hearing interactive construction vehicle and tool sounds and names in this activity app designed for all ages and especially first time app users!

When you download the Little Builders Construction Sounds and Games Activity App you’ll get a construction site full of fun and:
Interactive Construction Vehicle and Tool Sounds- Delightful tap and tap sounds featuring fun and entertaining construction vehicle noises and the names of the trucks and diggers, and NEW tool flashcards!
Building Game- Little builders will have a blast putting together blocks and building houses and structures!
Fun Cam- Take a picture in a construction truck and then color it!
Truck and Tool Match Games- Fun and educational construction truck and tool matching games that are sure to entertain ages 2 & up!

Construction Vehicle and Tool Sounds
Not only do your little builders get to hear the sounds construction trucks make they hear the names of the vehicles also! And even more delightful are the NEW tool flashcards- interactive moving flashcards that also tell them the name of the tool! Learning through play is so much fun with interactive sounds that are sure to delight and entertain all ages.

Building Game
Does your little builder really want to put a house together? If so then this is the game for them... responsive and fun your little ones have to work using proper timing to put together slabs of brick that will eventually make a building! Very interactive and toddler friendly this little builders game will not only keep them entertained but they will also learn:
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
-Cognitive skills

Construction Truck and Tool Matching Games
The simple and sweet match games have many cute entertaining construction themes to keep little builders happy, and playing the matching games will also encourage:
-Fine motor skills.
-Memory and recognition skills.
-Vocabulary and language.
-Color recognition and vocabulary.

Construction Truck Fun Cam
This camera game will take your little builders into the artistic world of photography! With 4 different construction scenes they will have a blast taking a picture driving different trucks, and then they can color their pics and let their creativity really shine.

Have a building blast and learn all about construction vehicles and tools in the Little Builders Construction Sounds and Games Activity App and let your child have fun learning through play with a Play n' Learn App!


Love hidden object games12

The puzzle is a slide are toddlers supposed to understand how to do that? All my 2.5 year old got was frustrated... Bought this in the bundle and should have read the individual reviews first. I will be requesting a refund.


This game makes no sense and is too difficult for toddlers, you can't do anything