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Berlin Subway Simulator 3D

Try how to be a subway train driver in Berlin Subway Simulator 3D!
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Find your strategy for train driving. Collect all Berlin passengers. Earn all achievements! Complete interesting train driving tasks. Speed up and slow down your subway train precisely, to stop at the right place of the Berlin subway stations in the driving simulator. Drive the subway train in time and be accurate - in the driving simulator you can get a penalty if you drive badly. Check your knowledge of Berlin subway stations. Improve your driving with simulator's tutorial. Feel yourself as a real Berlin subway train driver!

Features of Berlin Subway Simulator 3D:

- Real Berlin subway stations
- Achievements – our brand new feature, try it!
- Subway train driving controls
- Train simulator tutorial
- 3D graphics
- Different subway cameras
- Missions and free-ride mode
- Realistic train driving simulator

If you want to drive a train, we made Berlin Subway Simulator 3D for you! Spend your evening with driving in Berlin subway simulator, transport passengers and earn achievements. Train your driving, learn how to drive the train with our simulator. Sometimes you need to complete your journey in short time. So, be a good driver. Use different cameras to control your driving in Berlin subway. Choose between simulator's driving modes and visit all Berlin subway stations we prepared in the simulator. Be accurate, the train controls are made as real, don't get a penalty from a driving inspector.

Drive your subway train in simulator and collect all Berlin passengers. Drive them from one Berlin subway station to another. Use speed and brake levers accurately. Earn money for good driving. Because driving in Berlin Subway Simulator 3D is as in real life!

Get to Berlin in a subway train with our simulator. Test your driving skills. Complete missions and open new levels. It is not an easy simulator, but challenging. Follow driving instructions of Berlin subway train master. Complete missions, earn bonuses. Be careful - in the driving simulator you will be punished for bad driving.

Maybe you have never been to Berlin, but you can drive there in our subway train driving simulator. Try how to drive a subway train. Choose between underground Berlin's missions and free-ride mode. Drive your train in Berlin subway tunnels and transport people in the simulator. Learn what to do with your subway train.

Play Berlin Subway Simulator 3D and enjoy your driving!


A Few Problems
Dad's iPad Mini

This is the best game ever, but it includes 2 problems: - Even with everything completely leveled up, it is theoretically impossible to complete Mission 8. May you please increase the time limit by 1 minute? I'm pretty sure that the Trainee set his record by not stopping at any stations. - The second problem is, when you level up anything to Level 10, the train will not move anymore, even if you restart the game entirely. Those were my 2 discovered problems. Also, this is my best game that I've ever found, because I've known the U-Bahn Berlin for a long time, and I plan to be a train driver later on.


The description is misleading. I could not get past the 3rd level, and never unlocked anything in the free ride mode. Please tell me how to unlock Other lines in free ride, and why does it not say how fast you are going? UPDATE Now

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