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Beam It! allows you to wirelessly send (or beam!) your contact information to another device.
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Productivity Free ArcTouch, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Choose a contact card from your address book and JUST BEAM IT!

Both the sender and the receiver need to have Beam It! installed.

iOS app developers: get free Beam It! source code at ArcTouch web site.


Works great for me

Couldn't get handshake to work for me so I downloaded this instead.

Great utility

Beautiful interface. Elegant design. Reliable functionality. Now if everyone would install it, it would be the best way to wirelessly share contacts.

Does what it says it will.....

What else do u want from an app, it dies exactly what it says it will do. I wish they would make an update to send multiple contacts and individual photos. But it works great for what it is supposed to do.

Perfect and Simple

And with a cool interface too! I love how it writes my name as a marker on the sticker. Very cute. And the beams look like they're changing color too. Nice. The app does exactly what it says it does - it beams contacts and that's all. That's why I gave it 5 stars. It doesn't work with the original iPhone (I think that's due to some Bluetooth issue, that isn't due to the app.) Who gives a free app that does everything it says (AND works perfectly) anything less than 5 stars? I don't know. But if you look at the reviews, the people who really took the time all love it.

Great free utility

It's FREE. It works. It looks cool. If you don't like a FREE app, then delete it... not sure why you'd give it a rating of anything less than 3. All the 1 stars seem a little suspect to me.


This application is perfect, apple should built this capability in the OS

More Compatibility

This app needs to be able to communicate with any laptop, PDA, phone or other Bluetooth enabled device.


Worked perfectly with the minimal possible user interface. Would be great if you could send arbitrary vCards rather than only your personal business card.

Does what it's designed to do!
L. Taylor

Finally got it to work after a few email exchanges. Great customer service! Thanks Adam!

Does what it says for FREE

All I wanted was a simple program to get contacts from my wife's iPhone (she's way more organized) to mine. This APP did the job fast and easy. I beamed about 40 contacts in 20 minutes. It would have taken hours to manually enter all the contacts and the associated info. People rating this low are doing this APP an injustice by giving it bad marks because they want it to do something it doesn't claim to do.

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