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Battlefield Combat Frontline-Red Alert:Tank Battle

Battlefield Combat is an eye-catching classic tank-themed game. 3D graphics, simple battling ways, creative quest modes, and realistic battling exploding effects! Bring enjoyment of both visual and auditory to you! It has 50 levels in the game. The game play is simple: tanks can attack automatically; tap the red icon to control directions of battery and the blue one to move tanks! Just tap the icons of power-ups to use them in battle and pick up power-ups dropping from battlefield by moving tank to them!
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Games Free zhang feng iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is different from other tank-themed games! ! !
New power-ups and weapons! ! !
Realistic graphics and sound effect! ! !
More realistic and thorough experience! ! !
Don’t hesitate! Just download it! !

- 3D Graphics
- Exciting rhythm
- 5 Different scenes
- Many bonuses, upgrades
- Tank upgrade system
- Resurrection
- World in-game leaderboard
- Thousand waves of enemies

A free to play game that provide an exciting battle commanding experience!


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