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Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences.
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Games Free SayGames LTD iPhone, iPad, iPod

But be carefull...

If he catches the disc, he will throw it back.


Please fix this

They have to make less ads it is annoying not only to me but everyone else please fix this and it’s and awesome and fun game must download

Avert thy adversary, the advert

Easily 5 star fun if it had half as many ads

Way to many ads
a player of molbile games

There is a add after every round end of review


#Best game ever

Best ever

This is the worlds best game I love playing this game and it has no glitches or flaws so thank you for making such an awesome game and I wish you a happy life

[email protected]&

To many adds

Love the game

I know there are a lot of ads but this game keeps me entertained for hours and hours and HOURS I can’t get unentertaned idk if that’s a word or not but i love this game so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

Minor exploit
hammer exploit

I like the game a lot. But if you keep rebounding the disc of your own wall repeatedly the. You eventually get the hammer without having to work for it. I hope you guys can fix this.


It is fun but I hate that they put in more then one enemy to fight so it is not fair and THE ADS SO MANY why the heck guys!? Advertising yours is fine but WHY SO MANY🥵 and the the tools are really invincible But there are so many of them that the other team hardly has a chance make it more of a challenge.

I love this game
miah money

I love this game