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Basketball World 2014

The best basketball game on iOS, with amazing 3D graphics and great gameplay.
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Games Free JAVIER MELUS CARRUEZ iPhone, iPad, iPod

Recreate the World Cup 2014 matches by selecting any of the 24 basketball national teams.

Will your team win the World Cup?

How to play:
- Move the joystick to move the player
- Press Pass to pass when the player has the ball, and to defend when the player hasn't the ball
- Press Throw to shoot

Teams availables: Argentina, Lithuania, Spain, United States, Angola, Egypt, Senegal, Finland, Iran, South Korea, Philippines, New Zealand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, France, Greece and Turkey.


This game is trash

I went to download this game and I went in I choose my team I went in and the bottom was stuck I couldn't move. The game is stupid because the other team makes 80% of there shot and 15% for us the then steal the ball like crazy it's just stupid then after they shot and miss I try to run towards the ball but the button wast stuck could not move who ever made this games is a jerk an a should get sent to jail


Trash. This thing glitches and when you pass the ball in after the other team scores it shoots for you and it ends up being an air ball