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Banana Kong is free iOS app published by FDG Mobile Games GbR

2nd best app on store

Mine BoyX7

Very good game Visuals 8/10 Gameplay 10/10 Music infinity/10 Costumes 7/10 Replayable 9/10



Me and my daughter battle for distance. It's great!

Great game

Kawaii 3

I love it if you love those adventure running games get this game



?? good game

Pretty Cool

alexis willy

As far as playing its pretty cool, i was looking for a game to play in my free time and came upon this. Quite addicting once you start playing lol


Nicks ambush

Great game. I've downloaded this game several times since its been out and the missions are just as challenging. I don't think they add missions regularly but it's very challenging and addicting. Comical element as well

This Ape Has Charm

Monkey Man 3

What's great about Banana Kong is its simplicity. The gameplay is addicting yet exciting. The music is catchy and you just can't help but love Banana Kong himself.



Very addicting game. I can't put it down!!

Love it


Love the old school video game style

Great so far

Krispy Waid

Great so far. Hoping i dont reach a point where i have to buy anything. Love simple running games like this